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Parent Power School – Sat, July 30, 2016

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The July Parent Power School of 2016 was centered on power and authority. Participants learned what advocacy is and how it can be a tool for school improvement. Parents were asked to identify their personal approaches to power and authority, and discuss how personal power styles can be utilized for effective advocacy. Through scenarios and role-playing, parents practiced how to prepare for meetings with community stakeholders and government officials on issues in their school districts. Over 100 people attended the session, which was held at the New York City’s Administration for Child Services and conducted in Spanish and English, with food and childcare provided.

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Click below to download some materials from the training!

Participants’ Agenda: English   Español

Powerpoint: Power and Authority This powerpoint provides definitions on advocacy, power, and authority, including the difference between power and authority and personal power styles.

English    Español

The 5 Golden Rules: Effective Meetings with Authority Figures The 5 golden rules gives parents strategies on how to thoroughly prepare and present a compelling argument when meeting with authority figures including, but not limited to, school administrators, local government officials, or law enforcement officers.

English    Español

Scenario: What went wrong? This scenario narrates a parent going to meet with the Community Affairs office to address drug dealing in the school playground. Unfortunately, the meeting is unsuccessful. At July’s Parent Power School, parents were given this scenario and then asked what went wrong, and what the parent should have done to better prepare for this meeting.

English & Español

Parent Power Schools: Training for parents, by parents


Hundreds of parents joined us in 2014, 2015 and again in 2016 for CEJ’s Parent Power School. On July 30th, 2016, over one hundred parents came together to exchange ideas and learn about:

  • How parents can influence and improve education in their community.
  • The definitions of advocacy, power and authority.
  • How to use one’s power effectively and prepare for meetings with authority figures.

Join other parent leaders to improve education for all NYC children, especially in low-income communities of color. That’s right, we are taking names, building power.

Agenda for July’s Parent Power School: English | Spanish

For more information on July’s Parent Power School on Power and Authority, click HERE

We hope to see you at future Parent Power School workshops. Don’t forget to invite others!

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About Parent Power: Parent Power School educates, empowers and instills confidence and hope for Black, Brown and immigrant parents to be articulate messengers and change agents on education issues affecting their children and the community.  By developing the voices, skills, issue expertise and relationships of public school parents and community members Parent Power School will build and strengthen CEJ.