January 17th, 2014

Persistent Educational Failure: The Crisis in District 9 and a Community Roadmap for Mayor Bill de Blasio

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Community School District 9 in the South Bronx is in crisis. Outgoing Mayor Bloomberg’s education policies have failed to close the achievement gap between District 9 and the City’s most affluent neighborhoods. In 2013, nine out of ten students in District 9 failed the English Language Arts exam, half of elementary and middle schools in the District are on state improvement lists, and only 10% of students graduated college ready.

Parent leaders of the New Settlement Parent Action Committee (PAC) strongly believe that the status quo cannot continue. The incoming administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio has an historic opportunity to recommit the City to the mission of providing every child with an excellent neighborhood school and this report contains research-based strategies to discontinue this damaging trend.

New Settlement Parent Action Committee (PAC) is a member organization of the Coalition for Educational Justice.

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