Our Mission

Led by parents, the NYC Coalition for Educational Justice is organizing a movement to end the inequities in the city’s public school system. We are a collaborative of community-based organizations and unions whose members include culturally diverse parents, community members, students and educators. We are motivated by the urgent need to obtain a quality and well-rounded education for all students. We will mobilize the power of parents and the community to affect policy change and create a more equitable educational system.

Our Platform

All New York City Children Deserve Culturally Response Education!

As parents, we want our children to graduate from high school prepared for college and careers and lives of learning and leadership. While NYC schools are some of the most culturally and linguistically diverse in the nation, with 180 languages spoken, enormous achievement gaps remain. Many destructive forces contribute to these unacceptable outcomes, including the ways that systemic racism, overt and implicit bias play out inside schools. In order to help students achieve their goals, improve outcomes for all students and create oases from racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia and other biases, the NYC school system needs Culturally Responsive Education.

Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) is a method of rigorous, student-centered education. CEJ calls on the NYC Department of Education to implement CRE in the following ways:

  1. 1. Work to ensure school and district staff represent the diversity of the NYC Schools population; promote district-wide skills in culturally responsive education and anti-discriminatory practices
  2. Provide classes, curricula, projects and resources designed to celebrate the rich diversity of NYC Schools students
  3. Cultivate a positive, culturally responsive culture in schools that respects and honors all youth regardless of race, culture, and abilities
  4. Champion increased parent engagement efforts that are culturally responsive and promote collaborative efforts to help students grow
  5. Culturally Responsive Education Platform
    Culturally Responsive Education Fact Sheet

What's New

Liberation School Kick-Off!

Welcome to Liberation School!

Inspired by the tradition of Black Freedom Schools in the 1960s, Liberation School is a FREE, virtual online school that will offer academic support courses, social-emotional support, healing centered practices, and political education courses to NYC public school families throughout the 2020-21 school year. 

Thank you to those that were able to attend our amazing Kick-Off Event. From energizing djembe playing to informative presentations on the history of Freedom Schools, the Liberation School ZOOM room was filled with passion, wisdom and solidarity. Click HERE to view the live recording!

Click here to register for classes now

Liberation School dancing to the empowering Resistance Liberation Singers

The Liberation School Calendar allows you to sort by class content; Academic Support, Wellness, Political Education, or Ethnic Studies, as well as by class audience; Student, Caregiver, Community Member or all of the above. Classes are offered on a weekly, biweekly and monthly basis. Don’t miss out on classes that are offered ONLY ONCE and keep reading!

CEJ is creating sessions accessible to the public in multiple languages through multilingual instructors, and live streaming on social media. simultaneous interpretations of English workshops. All courses will be culturally responsive in content and pedagogy.

Click HERE to learn more about the origins of Liberation School; the Mobilization of Back and Brown Parents, Healers and Educators.

Click HERE to Read more about the History of Black Freedom Schools.

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