July 15th, 2020

Hope and Healing Town Hall for Healing-Centered Schools in the Bronx

“Healing centered engagement is a process that aligns institutions with a perspective, an approach & a strategy that addresses harm & restores well-being.” – Shawn Ginwright, scholar in ethnic studies, urban ed + healing centered schools. Students who have experienced trauma are more likely to be punished for trauma-related behavior, have their needs neglected, or are criminalized when schools aren’t prepared to support them. On June 23rd  CEJ  was a part of the Hope and Healing Town Hall where speakers discussed why #DefundNYPD is necessary for students’ healing & how to promote equity & healing in schools going forward. Students, parents, educators and community members came together and gained skills to better advocate for schools that support ALL students. 

Watch the record here:

Read the full roadmap here: