February 3rd, 2018

CEJ’s Goals for 2018

Click here  to read CEJ’s 2018 Priorities to implement Culturally Responsive Education in NYC schools.

October 28th, 2017

Culturally Responsive Education: Facing Pushback

“How can we talk to our community, our schools and our elected officials about culturally responsive education (CRE)? How can we prepare for the doubts and attacks we may hear?” Click on the links below to learn more about discussing culturally responsive education with others: 

Culturally Responsive Education: Facing Pushback

Culturally Responsive Education: Facing Pushback (Spanish) 





August 9th, 2016

Parent Power School Going Strong!

Parent Power School – Sat, July 30, 2016

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The July Parent Power School of 2016 was centered on power and authority. Participants learned what advocacy is and how it can be a tool for school improvement. Parents were asked to identify their personal approaches to power and authority, and discuss how personal power styles can be utilized for effective advocacy. Through scenarios and role-playing, parents practiced how to prepare for meetings with community stakeholders and government officials on issues in their school districts. Over 100 people attended the session, which was held at the New York City’s Administration for Child Services and conducted in Spanish and English, with food and childcare provided.

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Click below to download some materials from the training!

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December 17th, 2015

Parent Power School-December 2015

On December 12, 2015 over 75 parents from NYC public schools joined CEJ for a training on racism and resistance in public education. Parents had the opportunity to discuss the different forms of individual, interpersonal, system and institutional racism that they encounter in their daily lives, and the historical impacts these forms of racism have had on public education. Participants broke into small groups to engage in conversations about strategies to combat racism in schools, including: transformative parent engagement, restorative justice practices, culturally relevant curriculum, and equity in school funding. The group also discussed tips for interrupting and effectively engaging with racist comments when having conversations with people. Click the links below to view materials from the training and learn more about these topics. We hope to see you at our next Parent Power School! 

Participant Agenda

Racism and Resistance Timeline Photos

Racism and Resistance in Public Education Timeline

Racism and Resistance in Public Education Timeline (Spanish)

Glossary of terms for race and education

Glossary of terms for race and education (Spanish)

Race Conversation Tip Sheet

Race Conversation Tip Sheet (Spanish)

Restorative Justice Practices

Restorative Justice Practices (Spanish)

Culturally Relevant Curriculum

Culturally Relevant Curriculum (Spanish)

Transformative Parent Engagement

Transformative Parent Engagement (Spanish)

Equity in School Funding

Equity in School Funding (Spanish)